Mi Shun Ye ( Mecca 메카 )

Hai.. 안녕하세요
Confused why I'm using "Mi Shun Ye" ?
It was my Korean name I'd like others to recognize ♥

Mecca Mateo Mira-ato here :)
You can also call me "Mecx .. Meck and Ecka" .

One thing that I should be proud of , I love my mom so much .. :)

I'm a Born Again Christian.. Believes that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever..

I do love everything about PINK and Koreans (KPOP, KDrama, KMovies)

I love having couple of friends who can understand me in spite of being so jolly, noisy and moody.. :)

GOD BLESS you always .. :)
Kamsahamnida Chingu :)


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♥♥♥ MiShunYe ♥♥♥
Your nails are the reflection of yourself (:

♥♥♥ MiShunYe ♥♥♥

Your nails are the reflection of yourself (: